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Experiential Marketing!

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Have you ever heard of  GoPro HD video cameras? Chances are if you’re a thrill seeker who’s into extreme sports then, well of course you have. GoPro makes a range of waterproof, shock-resistant digital HD cameras that can be mounted on everything from helmets to surfboards and more. They initially carved out a niche for the extreme sports pro athlete but in the last year have been offering their Hero brand to consumers. The mountable mini cameras started back in 1987 with Mark Schulze who is credited with the first helmet cam for a mountain bike video, but it wasn’t until 2002 when an Australian named Nick Woodman came up with the idea of a wearable camera while on a surfing adventure.

Today these cameras are the preferred choice for extreme sport pros and enthusiasts and the video GoPro has on its website clearly shows that marketing the experience is what makes the difference. The mechanics of how to mount or strap on the camera and its technical attributes are irrelevant when compared to what the experience shows. Similar to RedBull’s approach to marketing the experience rather than the product itself, the video is all about being up close and personal with the action.


The Web Is What You Make Of It.

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Google has taken up arms in the web browser wars in the belief that people who use Google Chrome Web browser  will be more likely to keeping using Google search. The new Google TV ad campaign, “The Web Is What You Make Of It,” is their biggest offline campaign ever and an inspired tour-de-force created by Google Creative Lab and Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Even though Google has a commanding advantage in online search, it lags behind Microsoft in browsers. While Google has 2/3 of online searches, Microsoft’s Bing has only 14 percent of searches yet its browsers are on far more computers. 45 percent of computers use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers compared to Chrome’s 18 percent. Mozilla’s Firefox has 30 percent of the browser market while Safari, Apple’s browser, has only 5 percent.

One reason for Google use of TV is to bring the topic of browsers to the mainstream since most people don’t know what a browser is or know the name of their browser or even know that they can download a different browser that’s new and different than the one preloaded on their PC or Mac. Google amusingly discovered this fact when it toured Times Square with a video camera.

Google’s solution is to tug at people’s heartstrings with emotional ads about what they can do with Chrome. The ads appeal to Internet users who don’t care about the technical benefits of Chrome like rendering speed or apps and extensions.

The magnum opus in the campaign is the “It Gets Better” spot which features the It Gets Better Project and shows people using Chrome’s toolbar and YouTube to record videos to help gay teenagers who fear bullying.

Another ad in the campaign shows a father creating a scrapbook in Gmail by sending his daughter notes, photos and videos as she grows up. In “Dear Sophie,” as the father records ballet classes and birthdays, he drags and drops photos from Picasa into Gmail and shows their first home on Google Maps.

The ads zero in on the computer screen, showing what people are typing and uploading, similar to “Parisian Love”, Google’s 2010 Super Bowl ad, which told the story of an American exchange student who falls in love with a woman in Paris.

The new Google campaign is inspired advertising that makes one feel, think and reconsider a browser like never before. With messages like, “make a blog,” “make an observation,” “make a declaration” and “make yourself heard,” it will be interesting to see how many people make the switch to a new browser and download Google Chrome.


Smart Brands Think “Sustainability”

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From June 7 – 10, 2011 Science Creative will be attending the Sustainable Brands ’11 conference because we understand the vital importance of conducting business in ways that are smart, efficient and always focused on the long-term benefits rather than the usual short-term financial gains.

We’re proud that our partners such as Higher Ground Roasters and Seafood For The Future are two prime examples of environmentally responsible and socially conscious companies that view the future with endless possibilities especially when tied to ethical consumerism and sustainable practices. We look forward to reporting on the latest from the SB ’11 conference in June.

Rethink Sustainability

The folks at Bioengineering Group created a pretty cool video that we think neatly sums up Sustainability.